Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Some other Spiritual Observations

I'd like to tell a spiritual story from my younger days. Throughout my early years, I meditated and tried Buddhist practices (I must admit, somewhat to impress cute girls, but that's a different matter). Then, in 5th grade, in a class I will always remember fondly, we studied Native American philosophy and culture, and I was asked to develop my totem. Now, I never have been much for anger, but I chose as my totem a snake, because I felt it showed a quiet rage and strength.

In retrospect, I believe I should have chosen the dolphin. Yet because of my emotional issues of not being able to communicate with people, my lack of self-esteem and a societal entrapment of rage and power, I felt that I was quite a bit more angry and violent than I actually was.

This seems to me to say many things, but I'll leave this as is.


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