Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bombs in Britain

Britain has experienced terrorist attacks concurrent with the G-8 conference, with 40 expected dead (as of this writing) and 300 injuries. The public transport system is fairly much shut down.

Al-Qaeda has ostensibly claimed responsibility, but we always have to remember that al Qaeda will claim any number of things that it cannot and has not done.,,22989-1684538,00.html

(An aside: British officials sound very much more impressive and dignified than American ones. They rarely pause with "Uhs", sound very well prepared and are calm.)

Bush came out saying that he would not back down to the terrorists, but he missed a few things the same way a bird misses that a glass window is not air:

1) His behavior and the behavior of those at the G-8 are what is creating and increasing these atrocities and satisfying al Qaeda's wildest dreams.
2) While al Qaeda in a "cowardly" manner plans attacks, those at the G-8 plan poverty, instability and inevitable war.


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