Monday, August 29, 2005


Consider, for a moment, the audacity of the conservative movement.

Dinesh D'Souza, in his debate with Tim Wise at a community college, had the audacity to say that he knew Martin Luther King, Jr's outlook on affirmative action better than MLK's own wife.

A Marines recruiter managed to delude a very good friend of mine into joining the military. Said friend became so depressed by the experience that he punctured his own arm with pencils. As we knew because we were waiting for him to get out of boot camp, he was in there for a few weeks. The same recruiter called another friend and tried to sell him on the Marines. My second friend referenced our buddy who had just gotten out of boot camp. The sergeant, who must have known damn well that we knew when our ex-Marine bud had gotten back, said (paraphrasing) "Oh, him! Don't listen to him, he was only here a few days." In short: This recruiter thought it prudent to lie to us about information we had readily available even if memory had failed us, all to satisfy his quota.


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