Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Audacity Part II

Frequent readers may detect that the outlook of this blog is that "success" in the narrow defined success in Iraq is in fact not the critique well-meaning people should be offering, that in fact beating the insurgency would be worse, not better, that we should pull out of Iraq not because we're failing but because we never had the right to be there in the first place. Yet even under the far more conservative framework, it is incredible to see the total lack of honesty of conservatives. I'm not even discussing the accusations being levelled against chief Republicans, who will remain unnamed and have been honestly replying that they haven't been doing anything, well, unusual. Illegal is quite another question.

No, I'm talking about the pretense to security knowledge of the totally inept chickenhawks that have hijacked US Corp's CEO and board positions. As the Daily Show reported, Bush claimed that more Iraqi battalions have been trained and are ready to fight "the terrorists". Let's put aside that we are "terrorists" too, that they are the resistance to illegal colonial occupation, that the cities that were captured from "the terrorists" were really captured from the Iraqi people (involving the mass slaughter of civilians), and the shades of South Vietnam (need I remind you that the last part of the American "defeat", really an incomplete victory, was the transfer to the South Vietnamese puppet army, who buckled within no time flat?) In fact, the actual military was saying that, well, LESS battalions were trained and ready, not more. I also continue to be amazed at Rumsfeld's proclivities for totally vague and meaningless responses.


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