Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Shoutout for a Bud

I recommend readers check out Douglass Truth and Paul Hindt's blogs. Both are buds of mine, so I'm not entirely objective, but their site is a cool overview of spirituality, politics, science and computer stuff. One could do worse than to read this every week.

A sample:

"One lesson? Pick your authority wisely, or not at all. Douglass Truth -- the original, I'm just a low-level iteration -- proved to me once and for all that there are no authorities. Something shocking and frightening to almost everyone when they first learn it."

Very, very true. I've often said that anarchists are not made, they are born. By which I mean that there seems to be a libertarian attitude that, once achieved, propels very similar results even if very different proposals are espoused.

Doug gave me a shoutout saying that he "can't keep up" with my political thought. This is the guy who turned me onto Greg Palast and has a list of philosophy/politics books I have yet to read and definitely should. Humility: A rare quality these days, it seems. (His comments on Democratic Peace Theory were, per usual, top notch).


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