Saturday, October 22, 2005

Special Election

A brief thought.

Many of you have heard of the Governator's plan for a special recall election. Some popular attitudes to it can be seen here: A quote:

"If Republicans don't get their way they cry "Special Election." Costing taxpayers millions of dollars, again."

Now, let us be clear. This special election is an attempt to cram propositions through people's throats by circumventing the constitutional system. The propositions are overwhelmingly reactionary, openly described to be attempting to break the mythical union stronghold on "special interest" money (though commentators sometimes mention corporations, they mention corporations alongside unions, as if the two were remotely identical in terms of character, amount, quality or social utility). And so on.

But nonetheless, what the above indicates is that, to many, democracy just ain't worth the cost.

How horrible is it that we consider MORE participation, MORE issues being directly available to the public, is terrible because it costs some money? Because people spend some time? And since when is any legislature, especially the California legislature, something to retain and protect?


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